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Wind and Solar:

Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems (NRES) erected the first DC charging wind turbine built in the state for several decades. We were also involved in a 10kW grid inter-tie project in Northeast Nebraska last year and are planning to expand on these lessons to enable individuals to capture energy from the wind in a reliable and cost-effective manner. In 2012 we designed and installed the largest roof mount system for Ho-Chunk Inc. NRES has also erected two small wind turbines on its' business location as a research demonstration project . One was installed in 2009 and the second was installed in 2012. Erection of a DC charging turbine in a commercial zone was also a first in the state. Since 2004 we have aided in installation of a third of the solar (total solar production in Nebraska is about 300kW) currently installed in Nebraska in the last four years. Solar energy is now cheaper to install than wind. Nebraska is 20th in the nation of overall solar potential and in the top ten of the nation for wind potential. Still you see commercial wind and solar production at a standstill due to a lack of policy. A state like New York for example, who are not even 40th in solar potential making many times more solar than here in Nebraska, this production is mainly policy driven. It's embarrassing to be importing coal from Wyoming, when the state of NE has the opportunity to produce its own energy at the source of distribution. In short, NRES is on the front lines of small wind turbine and solar development within the state with many more being assessed. While many talk, we are building. We would be glad to assist folks that are seriously considering wind and solar energy production in their lives. For those who are looking for basic information on these systems, we hope you have found our site helpful. Please check our links page or send a question to us.

Biofuels and Oilseed:

NRES is the first registered producer of biodiesel in the state of Nebraska. With production started the end of July 2005, biodiesel produced by NRES at the Energy Farm will be produced using renewable energy from the bean itself (biodiesel generator and wind). Many different types of oilseeds have been crushed and more on the way. Biodiesel produced by NRES in Nebraska will be done using ethanol and other renewable energy inputs. This coupling of ethanol and biodiesel creates powerful synergies in the right locations and NRES is in the forefront of commercial scale operations of this type.