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This is the wind turbine that is used to power the family farm.

Robert Byrnes near his children's playhouse, where a battery backup for the family's wind turbine is situated.

Energy Farm wind turbine
O U R   M O T I V A T I O N

Nebraska has been blessed with many sources of renewable energy. All renewable energy technologies can find a place in this great state. To date, however, only ethanol has seen any significant growth in the state and most of that has taken place in the past 8 years. Nebraska is currently lagging behind its neighbors in ALL other areas of development of our renewable resources. These include wind, solar, biodiesel and methane systems. The reasons for this are numerous and are not the focus of our effort. Our goals are to change this imbalance by helping individuals to gain their own stake in their energy future by utilizing the resources available to them.

Our children face an uncertain energy future. Many of the resources upon which we depend are not renewable and come from very unfriendly places. Our soldiers are dying every day and untold capital is being spent to safeguard these foreign/environmentally dangerous energy sources. Here in the US, the citizens are forced to pay whatever they are told to because we have no other option. Our goal is to create those options now for us and for our children. I can say from experience, the kids quickly pick up on these things and this exposure to and training on these systems is invaluable. In Nebraska we have a wide variety of resources to choose from which are right at our fingertips. I can't promise the road will be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.