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M E T H A N E    D I G E S T I O N

The manure of livestock offers tremendous potential for utilizing the vertical integration of seed to finished livestock and the production of energy out of animal waste is just a no-brainer. NRES is developing cost-effective systems for use in smaller applications where cost can be dramatically reduced compared to large, commercial systems. Despite their obvious value to Nebraska agriculture, poor electric buyback rates (NO net metering) and high capital investment has limited applications in the state to one.

At NRES, we feel we can do better than that and we are working to field simple and cost effective systems that can see broad application in Nebraska. Danny Kluthe at Olean Energy in Dodge, Nebraska, can also assist in reviewing the viability of the larger systems. Some photos of Olean Energy are included below.

Pig Farm Methane Digestion:

Methane storage tanks from the Olean Energy pig farm, 2012.

The methane storage tank at the Olean Energy pig farm, you can see the lagoon (that is typically an indicator of a digester system) in the background, 2012.

Compressed methane storage tanks offer tremendous opportunities for increased fuel economies in diesel engines. Olean Energy Farm, 2012.
Cattle Farm Methane Digestion:

One of the large methane digester tanks at the E3 facility in Mead, NE, 2011.

E3 operates off of cattle manure, 2011.

Towards the front of the picture above is the lagoon at the E3 facility; in the background their methane tanks and ethanol plant, 2011.
Chicken Manure Digestion:

The 1000 gallon digester tank located on the Energy Farm, pictured above before it's completion in 2011.