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Interns dropping wind turbine for maintenance checks at the Energy Farm, summer 2008

Summer 2011

Summer 2011

If Nebraska is to realize all of the opportunities that present themselves through renewable energy, we must first change the way we perceive and consume energy. We must not only be wise stewards of our current resources, we must be able to recognize energy in all its forms. Energy is all around us in the form of sunlight, wind and biomass. We are not just farming food through Nebraska agriculture, we are farming the energy stored in those biological systems as well. Food and fuel at its best. Can you think of any fossil energy sources that taste good?

At NRES, it is our goal to work with the educational institutions to not only expand the students' definitions of energy, but also to provide demonstrations, seminars and hands-on workshops to encourage and nurture those with higher interest levels on these topics. The Energy Farm being developed in Northeast Nebraska is being developed with these goals in mind.

The greatest opportunity to impact our future and support renewable energy education will be through the internship program we are currently developing with Nebraska State Colleges, the University, and other supporters. For information about the internship program click here.

Nebraskans outside of the educational system are also showing increased interest to obtain information regarding renewable energy. Whether it is a citizen wishing to use non-polluting energy sources or a farmer looking to cut fuel costs while adding value to his crops, there is a great need for an informational outlet that can be accessed to answer these questions. People are scattered all over the state with ideas, experience and the desire to help others. All that is lacking is a centralized point that can network these people and get them the information they need to make decisions regarding renewable energy consumption or production. To accomplish this goal, NRES was the driving force for the formation of the fledgling Nebraska Renewable Energy Association (NeREA) as a non-profit organization to undertake the mission of providing education, training and networking to the citizens of Nebraska. Visit the NeREA website www.nebraskarea.org for renewable energy information.


Nebraska has done an excellent job holding meetings and conferences regarding renewable energy. Robert Byrnes has attended most and has a four inch thick file of distributed materials.

There is a gap between the classroom setting and fielding a system of your own. NRES aims to narrow this gap by offering workshops for people to get hands on experience with this equipment. Such training will greatly increase understanding and help determine if someone is ready to "go renewable."

Although hands-on workshops have been going on at the energy farm for years with great success, we are working with other groups as well to develop these workshops at locations across the state. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Workshop Registration:

The seminars will require pre-registration. All workshops are all day, $80 a person. Oilseed workshops are $150/person. NeREA members are half price. To register, please complete the form located at http://www.nebraskagreenfuels.com/workshops.html and mail payment to:

Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems (NRES) ● 300 Main Street ● Lyons, NE 68038

Make check payable to Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems (NRES).