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The Herd
"Baby" the cow, born spring 2012. Mirror image, both babies unsure of the other, summer 2012. "Baby" the cow, up close and personal, 2012.
The grazing "baby" likes roams the farm, 2012. Sometimes cow chasing is a part of our daily activity. 2011 Herd of Angus Beef.
"The herd;" one cow, steer or bull can supply NRES and affiliates with GMO free meats. Today, GMO free foods are extremely hard to come by as most processed meats, and other foods have GMOs.

"Lily" under a tree on the energy farm in 2011. Lily with her two kids, born spring 2012. Lily's kids, 2012.

Sambo, the only cat physically placed on the farm by the owner, below is a picture of two of her granddaughters. Sambo seems to like the camera, 2011. Dancing Sambo, 2011.
Bear and Cosy, some of the newest additions to the energy farm, Fall 2012.

These girls work hard into the night, making sure that no other critter enters or leaves the farm without first passing through them. Ricky likes to eat, sleep and chase critters.
Lucy is a happy pup, 2012.

This happy pig weighed in at almost 700 pounds, 2012. The best way to a pig's heart, mud. 2011.

Broiler chicks gathering to feed, spring 2012. A curious broiler, 2012.