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Students assembling turbine, 2008

Interns dropping wind turbine for maintenance checks at the Energy Farm, summer 2008

Summer 2011

Summer 2011

(2011) Students working on largest tracking mounted solar system in the Midwest

The largest tracking system in the Midwest erected by Summer 2011 students

Summer 2011 students working on pole mount solar systems

Laurel Highschool- Wind for school skystream summer 2012

Student assess the expansion of a roof top system in South Dakota. Summer 2012

The explosion of ethanol plants will soon be followed by biodiesel plants, anaerobic plants, biomass facilities and large wind farms. Who will operate these facilities? If NRES has its way, internship students will be highly sought after by these fast growing industries because of their training and experience. Although this represents an outstanding potential goal for the higher education system in the state, the nation and the world there are many different ideas on how this important goal can be achieved.

NRES is taking a multi-faceted approach to this challenge. First, we will support institutions with an interest in enhancing renewable energy (RE) education in their classrooms. This can come in the form of a lecture in a scheduled class (which we have done many times) or supporting the development of course material dealing with these topics in more detail. NRES will also schedule seminars and workshops on selected topics during the year to expose students to the technologies in a real setting and allow them to see what is involved.

Secondly, we will facilitate industry and student connection for employment through our extensive networking in the industry and familiarity with RE growth areas. NRES is eager to connect students to the industry and there is no charge for our assistance.

Finally, the NRES Renewable Energy Internship will provide selected students the opportunity to custom design their internship curriculum with us based on interest, career field of study and home institution goals. These goals can include hands on training in most areas of renewable energy production, building understanding and confidence you cannot gain in a classroom. This aspect of this internship opportunity is the hardest to find as well as the most important aspect of the program, giving an edge to anyone wanting to be involved with this industry.

The NRES Internship program is now in its eighth year and looking to further define how best to accomplish the enormous task of training students from around the world for the coming renewable energy industry. This year's program will focus on:

  • Developing a renewable energy course of study within the student's major
  • Facilitate employment in existing renewable energy facilities
  • Strengthen job finding prospects and provide job finding assistance/reference for Nebraska based bio-Industry
  • Include out-of-state and international students in selection process instead of Nebraska students only
  • Working with the students' geography to find the best fit
  • Increase selection criteria for applicants due to demand
  • Utilize Energy Farm assets for training and support
  • Completing programs set up for college credits during the school year
  • Continued major focus of the program will be during the summer months but will run year-round
  • Now the internship program is curriculum based; students have the opportunity to pick at least 2 tracts to focus their research interests on

Last year's program was a great success with many more applicants from Nebraska than were finally selected. With this internship training opportunity, these slots will get very competitive. For the full internship job description, please click here. Contact Robert if you are interested in pursuing such a program though NRES, and fill out the Internship Application and send it in.