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Nebraska based IP in renewable energy has not developed. All of the biofuels facilities operated in Nebraska came from out of state technology until NRES. Despite tremendous research resources from University projects, commercialization of Nebraska renewable IP is lagging. While many other businesses similar to us exist all across the country, there are precious few in this great state. While there are some outstanding individuals in particular areas, we will attempt to put all of the technologies out there under one roof. From DC powered corn stoves to passive solar systems, we will look to educate Nebraskans in these areas and help those who wish to reach their renewable energy goals and share this goal with the Nebraska Renewable Energy Association, www.nebraskarea.org.

Starting with an energy assessment, the NRES approach will take the whole house approach and quantify both energy usage and opportunities for conservation. Once completed, the findings will include cost estimates for the best renewable energy options for the individual based on available resources.

We believe we will have a bright future in Nebraska and look to do our part in improving Nebraska's renewable energy balance. While many debate and discuss, we will be designing and building. The time is now to prepare for our uncertain energy future and NRES will always be found out front in that struggle.