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In this first part of the process, the renewable energy goals and motives are defined so the ultimate system is a reflection of these goals. The assessment portion of the program looks at current power usages, opportunities for efficiency improvements and physical sighting of the equipment chosen to generate electricity. Experience with local zoning laws will also be used to help determine the best solution for the application. Zoning is often the most significant limiting factor for these applications.

Proposal Development:
Following the initial phase of assessment, NRES provides the customer with a proposal based on the survey findings and stated renewable energy goals. This proposal will include several options that are best suited for the application. Once agreed upon, system components are obtained and assembled and any zoning issues are processed.

Once all components are obtained according to the proposal selection, the system is installed as designed. Installation will occur in one to several visits based on system complexity. Once commissioned, the unit is turned over to the owner and maintenance training is completed. Service programs will be available through NRES if desired and will be designed to support efficient operation of the unit.

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