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Poor Energy Choices Will Haunt Our World For Decades

Our continued insistence on staying reliant upon finite, polluting and foreign sources of energy has cost us dearly. The Gulf oil spill that poisoned the Gulf and the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan that has blanketed our nation with radiation clearly highlights the dangers inherit within these short sighted and dangerous energy technologies. Despite possessing huge renewable energy sources in Nebraska, we find ourselves totally dependent on non-renewable energy sources that hold our agricultural and business economy hostage. With prices already exceeding $4/gallon for diesel, we can expect to pay even higher prices for the fuel we import into Nebraska in the near future. If it wasn't for the Public Policy created that led to our ethanol infrastructure, we would have little to show as we see in all other areas.

While Public Power has and continues to provide tremendous value to Nebraska, forward looking vision is needed to ensure our power remains 'cheap and reliable' for our children as well. Clean and renewable technologies that utilize our wind, solar and biomass resources need to be prioritized over technologies that require fuels imported to Nebraska. While Public Power electricity only involves a small fraction of our total energy consumption, it is hoped new NPPD leadership will positively impact where we are headed. Wyoming coal requires imported diesel fuel to get here.

Despite skyrocketing energy prices, little to no help can be expected from Lincoln any time soon. In fact, annual efforts to further increase fuel taxes have been undertaken. While citizens are encouraged to contact their Senators to promote a comprehensive clean energy policy, they are also strongly encouraged to take their own steps to consider energy strategies in their lives that will insulate them from anticipated energy shocks.


Energy from the Farm

What is the major problem utilities have in connecting Nebraskans to their grid?

An OPPD lobbyist recently answered this question for us when he stated:


This statement sheds alot of light on how Public Power views the public making power.

We here at NRES disagree!!!!
Products and Services

How much electricity do you consume at your home or work? NRES is conducting detailed energy assessments to show you how you can save energy and money with specific renewable energy and efficiency recommendations. Contact Robert to schedule a consultation and start making smart energy choices today.

NRES sources wind turbines, solar PV, Solar thermal, biodiesel and ethanol systems from a variety of sources to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

NRES project consulting and development services have the only commercial biodiesel experience in the state and have had excellent exposure in the broad spectrum of the renewable energy field.

NRES Installs Nebraska Made Homebrew Turbine

The NRES energy Farm recently installed a homebrew turbine that was manufactured at Chadron State College during the wind turbine workshop in March. This turbine follows the pattern created by Other Power folks in Colorado and was tested to produce about 2500 watts. The blades and tail are wood and the turbine head is extremely heavy duty.

NRES Completes DOE Funded 100kW Solar Array on the Winnebago Reservation...

...as part of a 300kW deployment of clean energy on Indian Lands.

NRES Before Congress

2013 Internship Program
NRES is still looking for 2013 spring and summer interns. These slots fill quickly, so don't hesitate to apply! For more info about the NRES Internship Program click here.

Energy Farm
NRES operates an off-grid energy farm as a demonstration and training facility in Nebraska. This is the only on-farm activity of its type in the state. Click here to learn more.
Citizens take charge of their future!

Your senator is visited by lobbyists every day. When was the last time you gave them your view? Whether it is RE (renewable energy) related or not, Nebraskans need to get involved in sharing their views with senators, testifying where they have a strong opinion and be informed. Our DUTIES as citizens is not limited to election day. Get involved in your future by getting to know the issues and sharing your views with your elected representatives. Although survey after survey clearly shows Nebraskans want more RE in the mix, the lack of involvement of the citizenry has resulted in the status quo lobbyists prevailing year after year. As a result, Nebraska is lagging in all areas of RE development outside of large, commercial ethanol production. Get in there and make a difference this legislative session, you'll feel good about it, I promise.